Independent Reviews

All our results since the service started in 2007 are available to see on this website.

Also part of our open approach is our willingness to allow reputable monitoring agencies free access to the service.

Two such agencies have done so over recent years and you can read their reports.

Firstly the widely followed Secret Betting Club has privately monitored the service since we started in 2017 and has published three in-depth reviews.

REVIEW 1: The service has shown a remarkable level of consistency over its long history – both in terms of its unwavering approach and in the accumulation of profits, with each calendar year delivering good returns. More…

REVIEW 2: If a sure sign of reliability as a tipster is a healthy ROI figure after a high number of bets, then Price Power is one of the most reliable in the market. More…

REVIEW 3: To read the very latest Secret Betting Club report published in July 2017, click here.

And on to online reviewer What Really Wins Money. Who published a full review and follow up.

This is what you want though, isn’t it – a profit which covers fees and leaves a decent amount afterwards. More…

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