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Take a look at and you’ll see a horse racing tipping service which provides an ideal template for what should be the norm in this business.

And that norm is transparency.

A visit to the home page sees the reader serenaded by the very latest 33/1, 18/1 and 16/1 winners.

Only in this case,these horses really did win, and at those tasty prices.

How do I know that? Because the selections are freely available for inspection as a part of the Results section of the website which features archived and recent results.

We have, therefore, the first element of an ” ideal” horse racing tipping service – transparency and results , archived and current, freely available for inspection.

The 2nd element of an “ideal” horse racing tipping service comes from the fact that these selections have been proofed independently to a 3rd party. How do I know this? Because I took part in proofing myself. Selections in my case were received by email for a concerted period of time, and mirror exactly what is claimed in the archived results section.

So we have results available for inspection, and we have, erm, proof that they were proofed.

We now have a platform on which to make an informed decision. You see, Price-Power is not like other horse racing tipping services.

Price Power never bet on any horses under 10/1. You would think that this would be music to all punters’ ears. But hold on, there is a catch.

And that catch is fully shown via the archived results. And it is, long losing runs.

Losing runs of 25+ are not unexpected and have occurred regularly. So, this transparency means that you can make an informed decision safe in the knowledge that you may join in the midst of a long losing run, but will profit at year end , as Price-Power have done year-on-year since 2007.

These long losing runs mean that you have to have a sturdy betting bank or you have to limit your stakes. is an each way service .The stakes they use to record results are £5 each way stakes, totalling £10.

Harking back to that 25 bet losing run. Multiply that by 10, and you’re already £250 (give or take as some horses did place and not win -good for each way purposes) down.

Can you handle long losing runs? If you can, 5 years of consistent long term, year long profits have accrued.

You profit……. eventually.

2013 is running at a loss for instance. Previous years have not seen a profit since April ( beginning January 1st). is recommended because it is fully transparent, with both archived and bang up to date results available at the website. It has been proofed independently so these results are verified as true.

The fact that Price Power is fully transparent means that you can check the “look” of the service. It focusses on each way bets for horses priced 10/1 or bigger.

Long losing runs are inevitable.

If you can handle long losing runs, then 5 years of sustained year on year profit ( January 1st to December 31st) suggests you will eventually profit again.

And before I go, insist on this kind of transparency from other services. If they do not provide such customer friendly transparency, then ask yourself “why not?)

A real, honest, profitable service. Rare these days.

by What Really Wins Money magazine (January 2013)

This service continues to power ahead and meets all of the criteria for an ideal horse racing tipping service. I say “ideal” as this service is unique in that it only tips horses at 10/1 and over. I featured the service in previous newsletters with the caveat that it is not for everyone. For instance in 2009 and 2011 (archived results – just what we want to see!) the service was showing a negative position at the end of March, but at the end of 2009 was well in profit (£1620 to £5 each way stakes). This is a rollercoaster ride of a service which will eventually profit if you stick with it. One reader recounted how he joined recently, but left after 3 weeks – this went against everything I said regarding having the mentality necessary for big odds tipping services. was proofed to me from 10th March 2011 to 1st May 2011. In this short period the horses mentioned in the results on the website tallied exactly with those I received in the daily emails. As to profitability, well, is profitable eventually i.e. it must be a long-term game with this kind of a service. Stakes must – by necessity – be kept modest to account for the long losing runs that are inevitable with this kind of service. Each-way betting though does go a long way in protecting the betting bank when horses are placed. £395 for the year with average profits to £5 each-way stakes around £1,700 to £2,000+.


Price-Power must be used for at least a year in order to realise the advertised profits. This is what you want though, isn’t it – a profit which covers fees and leaves a decent amount afterwards.

by What Really Wins Money magazine

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